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Quais são as duas etil-duas aminas? dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)

Desenvolvimento de spray de agente de reticulação de cura de poliureia Tecnologia de elastômero DETDA (E100).

Informações Básicas sobre o Produto

Two Ethyl Toluene Two Amine, Curing Agent Chain Extension Agent Cas DETDA Number: 68479-98-1

English Name: Toluene Diamine DETDA Diethyl

Product Appearance: Light Yellow To Amber Transparent Viscous Liquid, Slightly Soluble In Water, Soluble In Alcohol, Ether, Ketone And Other Polar Organic Solvents, And Polyether, Polyester Polyol Compatibility Is Good.

Peso Molecular: 178.28

Fórmula molecular: C11H18N2

Relative Molecular Weight: 178.3

Boiling Point: 301.4 Degrees At C 760 MmHg

Vapor Pressure: At 0.00106mmHg 25 Degrees C

Flash Point: 161.1 Degrees C Density: 1.013g/Cm3

Embalagem: Peso líquido 200kg / Tambor de ferro galvanizado (um pequeno armário com instalação de suporte de 16 toneladas), 1000KG / IB barris (um pequeno armário instalado 18 toneladas) ou 23 toneladas de isotank. What Is The Two Ethyl Two Amine?Dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)

Foreign Similar Products: The United States AIbemarle Company (Ethacure 100), The Swiss Lonza Group (Brand DETDA Lonzacure 80), The German Nitroil Company (Brand ADA L80 PCAmine)

The Following Is A Foreign Factory Production Index:

Diethyl Toluene Diamine Curing Agent Chain Extension Agent Detda And Isocyanic Acid Action Reaction Of Equivalent (I.E., Relative Molecular Weight With Each Molecule Of Reactive Groups Average Ratio) Is About 89.1 ~ 89.5, And Reaction Of The Epoxy Resin Of Equivalent About 44.3.

1 The United States DETDA Company A1bemarle Products (Grades Ethacure100) Typical Composition Of The Quality Score Of:

Moisture <0.08%

Two Alkyl Compounds 3% ~ 0.5%

3,5- Two Ethyl -2,4 Two Amine 75% ~ 81%

3,5- Two Ethyl -2,6- Two Amine 18% ~ 20%

. Lonza Ltd Detda Products (Grade Lonzacure Detda 80), 3,5 - Diethyl Amine With Purity Greater Than Or Equal To 97.5%, Mass Fraction Of Each Component Is:

Water: < 0.10%

Two Amine: Less Than 0.015%

Ethyl Amine: Two = 1%

3,5- Two Ethyl -2,4- Two Amine: 77% ~ 81%

3,5- Two Ethyl -2,6- Two Amine: 18% ~ 22%

Based On The Above Data, I Plant The Production Of Two Ethyl Two Amine (DETDA) Product Quality Is Equivalent To Foreign Production Of DETDA. What Is The Two Ethyl Two Amine?Dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)

Two, The Physical Characteristics Of The Product

Project Data

The Flash Point Of 135 DEG C

Solidification Point -8 C

Boiling Point C (Lit.) 308

Density At G/ML 25 Degree C (Lit.) 1.02

Amine Value 615-635

The Water Is Less Than Or Equal To 0.1%

Viscosity (20 Degrees C) 280

Viscosity (25 Degrees C) 155

Other Alkyl Amine 0.5-3.0%

Isocyanate Equivalent 89.5

Epoxy Equivalent 44.3

3,5- Two Ethyl Toluene -2,4- Two Amine 75.0-81.0%

3,5- Two Ethyl Toluene -2,6- Two Amine 18.0-20.0%

Three, Product Performance Comparison

Products Aging Under 120 DEG C In An Oven At Room Temperature For 7 Days, 12h, According To The German Standard DNI53504 Test Performance Of Products And Imported Goods Quite:

From The DETDA Import DETDA Project

Resistência à tração (MPa) 16.9 18.52

Elongation At Break (%) 300280

Módulo de flexão (MPa) 208,5 210.8

Bending Strength (MPa) 10.98 10.63

Four, Product Uses

Two Ethyl Chain Extender Two Toluene Amine Curing Agent Agent DETDA Is A Very Effective Polyurethane Chain Extender, Especially Suitable For RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) And SPUA (SPUA); Also Can Be Used As Polyurethane Elastomer And Epoxy Resin Two Aromatic Amine Curing Agent, Used For Pouring RIM, Coatings, And Adhesives, Chain Extender And Polyurethane And Polyurea Elastomer. Two Ethyl Chain Extender Two Toluene Amine Curing Agent Agent DETDA Is A Sterically Hindered Aromatic Amine Two, Steric Effect And The Activity Of Methyl Ethyl Toluene Than Two Amine (TDA) And Its Reaction Speed Is Much Lower. With Polyurethane Prepolymer Several Times Faster Than DMTDA, About 30 Times Faster Than MOCA. RIM Is Mainly Used For Polyurethane System And Spray Polyurethane (Urea) Elastomer Coating System That Has Fast Reaction Speed, Short Demoulding Time, High Initial Strength, Hydrolysis Resistance And Heat Resistance Of Products In Addition To The Advantages. Products Can Also Be Used As Elastomer, Lubricants And Industrial Oil Antioxidant, And Chemical Intermediates. What Is The Two Ethyl Two Amine?Dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)


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