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O que são as duas etil-duas aminas? Dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)

Two Ethyl Toluene Two Amine Is Used In Polyurethane, Which Can Improve The Strength And Water Resistance Of The Product, Make The Product Productivity Greatly Improved, And The Industrialization Of Polyurethane Products With Large Size And Complex Structure Is Possible. The Reaction Rate Of DETDA With Different Acid And Acetic Acid Is Also Especially Suitable For Solvent Free And Fast Solid Coating. In Addition, It Can Also Be Used As Epoxy Resin, Alkyd Resin Curing Agent, Rubber Oil Antioxidant, Dye, Pesticide Intermediates, Is A Promising New Chemical Products.What Is The Two Ethyl Two Amine?Dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)

Two Ethyl Toluene Two Amine Appearance (Room Temperature): Light Yellow To Brown Transparent Liquid

Ponto de ebulição (C): 308

Densidade (G / Cm3) a (20 graus C): 1.02

Ponto de Congelamento (C): - 8

Ponto de inflamação, TCC, (C): 135

Viscosidade, em Cps (20 C) 280

Desenvolvimento de spray de agente de reticulação de cura de poliureia Tecnologia de elastômero DETDA (E100).

Nome químico: dietil tolueno diamina, DETDA
Aparência: Líquido transparente amarelo claro a âmbar
HS: 2921519090
CAS No .: 68479-98-1
Fórmula: C11H18N2
Peso Molecular: 178.28
The Product Is Identical To Ethancure 100 And Lonza DETDA 80, DETDA Is Very Effective Polyurethane Elastomer Chain Extender; Also Be Used As Polyurethane And Epoxy Resin Curing Agent, Epoxy Resin Of An Antioxidant, Industrial Oils And Lubricants . In Addition, Also As Intermediates In Organic Synthesis.Especially For The RIM (Reaction Injection Molding), Is Important In The Field Of Spray Polyurea Chain Extender Species. Also Can Be Used For Casting Polyurethane Elastomer (CPU) And A Curing Agent, Epoxy Curing Agent, Epoxy Resin Of Antioxidants, Lubricants And Industrial Oils Other Antioxidants. What Is The Two Ethyl Two Amine?Dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)

(25 graus C) 155

Equivalente de isocianato: 89.5

Resina epóxi equivalente: 44.3

Foreign Manufacturers Of Two Ethyl Toluene Two Amine DETDA Model

Foreign Similar Products: The United States AIbemarle Company (Ethacure 100), The Swiss Lonza Group (Brand DETDA Lonzacure 80), The German Nitroil Company (Brand ADA L80 PCAmine).What Is The Two Ethyl Two Amine?Dietiltoluenodiamina (DETDA)


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